Optimistic Economic Outlook For Penang and Malaysia


Penang’s and Malaysia’s economy is more tied to the global economy than most of us think. However, the latter is undergoing profound changes and whatever rebound that takes place will not benefit different parts equally. Malaysia should therefore increase ties with more buoyant parts and extract itself from declining parts.

CLUEDO SUSPECTS is a card game of logical deduction – information regarding a mysterious crime is spread within a few players and each player attempts to solve it by receiving limited hints from the other players in each turn. The truth here is: solving the mystery of Penang’s economy is not as far from playing the card game as many perceive it to be. Penang, Malaysia and the world are, to an extent, like three interlocking cogs of a machine, turning and ticking in a harmonic motion. More often than not, we find that looking at what is happening around the world and in Malaysia is looking at what is happening in Penang.

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