The green house –alternative living starts now


Green Acres is the culmination of one man’s dream to create a fully sustainable house, surrounded by nature. With efficient solar panels and piped spring water, it is proof that comfort and conscientious living can go hand in hand.

Hidden away from the many sprouting housing developments and townships in Balik Pulau is an ongoing experiment in sustainable living. This is a project brought to fruition by Eric Chong, a corporate trainer during the week and a farmer during the weekend – think Lat’s The Kampung Boy meets Town Boy.

On an orchard farm stands an impressive two-storey kampong house, its frame mounted traditionally sans nails. For now, it functions as a model show house, doubling up as Chong’s weekend home. The wooden construction blends in with its surroundings and is a self-sustainable entity placed completely off the grid. Literally.

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