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Penang tops investment in Malaysia

In 2010, Penang att racted the highest amount of investments in Malaysia, according to fi gures released by the Malaysian International Development Agency (mida). Investment in Penang totalled rm12.23bil, which represented a 465% increase on the previous year. According to mida statistics, new investments amounted to rm2.84bil while the balance of rm9.39 billion was re-investments by existing organisations. Total investment in Malaysia in 2010 was worth rm47.17bil, with Penang’s contribution making up 26%.

Penang water supply to meet demand till 2020

Maintenance and upgrading works at the Sungai Dua water treatment plant has ensured that Penang will have the capacity to meet increasing demands for the next 10 years. Capacity of the plant’s treated water tanks has also increased from 13.6 million litres of water a day to 31.9 million litres. A side eff ect of the upgrading and maintenance works was that water supply to 80% of the state had to be disrupted on December 28 from 7am to 7pm. However, a tripped pump at the Sungai Dua plant had lengthened the planned disruption of 12 hours to 48 hours. The Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (pbapp) apologised for the disruption.

New homes for low and middle income groups

The Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) will build 4,750 new houses for the low and middle income demographic. The project, falling under the 10th Malaysia Plan, will comprise 739 low cost houses, 771 low-medium cost houses and 3,240 medium cost houses.

Ban on horses and quad bikes along Batu Ferringhi

The Penang Municipal Council (mppp) fi nally banned horse riding and quad bikes along the Batu Ferringhi tourist belt eff ective from January 2011. In a move to further enhance beach safety, mppp will be putt ing protective nets and buoys in place to protect swimmers.

According to an earlier mppp online poll, 69.2% of 501 respondents felt that quad biking should not be allowed on the beach while 40.1% of respondents were against horse riding.

Sexual abuse claims at children’s home

A children’s home was thrust into the spotlight when a businesswoman and social worker att ached to an ngo claimed that children there have been sexually abused. State Health, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committ ee chairman Phee Boon Poh said that his offi ce is making its investigations under the Child’s Act 2001, and the police has set up a special task force to investigate the allegations. The home denies the allegations, saying that an internal investigation found no evidence of sexual abuse but promises to cooperate with the police.

Plastic bag ban comes into effect

January 1 wasn’t just the fi rst day of the New Year; it also ushered in an ambitious state-wide ban on all plastic bags, a move that has received mostly positive reactions. The ban applies to all supermarkets, pharmacies, fast food chains and convenience stores. Hawker and market stalls have been exempted from the ban. However, plastics manufacturers, represented by the Malaysian Plastics Forum and the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association, have decried the move, saying that authorities should focus more on raising awareness on recycling rather than implementing an outright ban.

Penang to build rm300mil convention centre

Eco Meridean Sdn Bhd has successfully bid for a contract to build an rm300mil convention centre in Penang. Known as the Sub-terranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition (spice) Centre, it will be the fi rst such centre in the country, with a green park on the roof. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that the project is a worthwhile investment, with the city council bearing only a fraction of the total cost.

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