Up close with Lat


When Lat visited Penang for the George Town Literary Festival in December last year, Penang Monthly caught up with him to chat about the importance of having friends from various backgrounds, the kampung way of life and naughty monkeys.

"We shouldn’t use the word 'kampung' as a term that reflects backwardness – we are proud kampung people! We were born in the kampung, but we can strive in the big town."

Humble, endearing and full of quaint anecdotes, Mohd Nor bin Khalid, better known as Lat, is the grandfather I’d love to adopt. The legendary cartoonist is round and bespectacled, and has a jovial smile. His career spans almost 50 years, beginning in Penang in 1964 where his first comic book, Tiga Sekawan (“Three Buddies”) was published by Sinaran Brothers.

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