Sex, Truths and Photographs


Ismail Hashim challenges the fast world of modern photography and claims that one must be married to one’s art. One has to love and appreciate the shyness involved in Art, and in Sex, for that matter.

He is fastidious to a fault. Notorious for his creative conceit and an excruciatingly slow burning developing process (“I am a process photographer,” he avers, half-depreciatingly), one who would give heart palpitations to any exhibition organiser with his submission of works on the opening day itself!

That’s Ismail Hashim, the great wit of photography, mostly in black-and-white but with embellished tints in parts.

The other facet of Ismail was as a nit-picking and intimidating demagogue breathing down the necks of impressionable art students at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang from 1979 until 1995 when he retired as director of the university’s Pusat Seni.

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