Tantalising Taiwan

loading Climb to the top at Chihpen Forest Reserve Area. PM_

Street food, shopping and spirituality – that’s Taiwan for you in a nutshell, according to most tourists anyway. But this beautiful island – literally Ihla Formosa according to passing Portuguese sailors who spotted it circa 1544 – offers so much more to its visitors, especially to those who venture off the beaten track to discover its eclectic delights.

We encountered quite a few raised eyebrows when we told people we were off to Taiwan for a week. The questions were politely pointed; “What about the language barrier?” and “What will you do for food?” were the two most popular. My lovely manicurist was probably the most concerned for us.

“There are a lot of Chinese people in Taiwan,” she explained, earnestly buffing my nails.

I kept a straight face and told her that there are a lot of Chinese people in Penang too.

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