A Crane Without Bite


“Paper Crane” charts the rise of a star and of love; and the fall of the same. Mixing languages exactly the way Malaysian life does, the musical exhibits authenticity, but...

I’ve always thought of musicals as the club sandwich of the performing arts world. Sure, a bacon sandwich tastes pretty good on its own, but throw in another layer of egg, cheese, tomatoes, and we’re really talking. Aficionados of the musty higher art forms may wax lyrical over single sliced opera, ballet and theatre, but deep down who can resist the greasy charms of the all-singing-dancing-acting high octane musical? The perfect trifecta of high camp and sheer entertainment.

“Paper Crane” from The Actors Studio has been running to rave reviews since the curtains lifted on July 27, 2012 at KLPac; August 25 marked the production’s premiere in Penang at the Penangpac.

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