(Sun)burning for PSY


Korean star Psy was a big hit despite his short appearance. Penangites loved his show, if nothing else, especially not the searing Chinese New Year sun.

The papers warned of a crowd 60,000 strong, which translated as a massive jam alert. Typical of Penangites, we fretted. In the end, it wasn’t the traffic that did us in. It was the scorching midday sun.

I could proudly proclaim that I liked “Gangnam Style” because at least it wasn’t about sex or drugs or jewellery. It wasn’t about “female empowerment”, in which the singer flounces about in nothing but a see-through slip while she sings about “feminism”. At least “Gangnam Style” was trying to say something about the social scene in the Gangnam area of Seoul. And that dance! Even I can do that horsey prance.

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