Dina Zaman: I am Storyteller


It’s been five years since Dina Zaman wrote I Am Muslim, her eclectic collection of articles about the realities of religious life as seen and lived by Muslims themselves. Sumitra Selvaraj caught up with her at the George Town Literary Festival in late 2012 to chat, and winds up under Dina’s storytelling spell.

The first thing I do is tell Dina that her book resonated with me, which is a little strange for an atheist to admit. She laughs and tells me that many other atheists have said the same thing to her. I then tell her that with a title like I Am Muslim you could easily assume that the book is about a personal journey or even a fervent exposition of faith.

Dina sighs in mild exasperation. She must have had to clear this misconception a million times, I realise guiltily.

“People immediately assume that this is a story about me, but actually it’s nothing like that.

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