Behind the burger boom


Who says people in Penang are conservative when it comes to food? Well, less and less are saying that. A new fare adding its fragrance to our streets is the burger, and one of the pioneering joints is Marshall’s.

Ong Shen Yung thinks that a good burger is principally defined by its patty. “That’s the star of the show,” he tells me. “The meat that goes into a burger is the most important thing, but the kind of cheese you use matters too. You’ve got to use a distinctive kind of cheese that can really make the burger stand out… it’s just something about burgers that goes very well with cheese.”

We are both sitting at Marshall’s, a burger joint that prides itself as being Penang’s first. It would be too austere to call it a restaurant because at Marshall’s, one doesn’t quite face the rigidities of being in such a stuffy establishment.

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