The promise George Town's back lanes hold


How easy it is for a person to walk in a city – its walkability – is fast becoming a measure of how liveable a city is. The George Town Back Lanes Project is constructed on that understanding, and shows the potential that our forgotten pathways contain.

Back lanes as assets

An improved quality of life is a key advantage of having pedestrian-friendly spaces in the city. Pedestrians tend to congregate around safe, pleasant and interesting environments, particularly the young and creative generation that values a strong social culture. More public spaces would promote walking just as how increasing highways would bring in more cars. A city with a wide network of pedestrian infrastructure and spaces provides an avenue for creativity to manifest. The “Car Free Sundays” around Penang’s Beach Street, for example, has seen many events taking place, attracting tourists, skaters and cyclists from all over, some even coming out with their own quirky versions of bicycles.

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