The Kim Giak Low Choon Teochew Opera Troupe

It all began when Goh Hooi Ling (also known as Ling Goh) represented Penang at the International Teochew Festival in China in 2008. Being a third generation traditional Chinese opera performer, she could not resist the idea of having her own opera troupe. Her grandfather once owned an opera troupe in China, and her parents run puppet shows. Ling Goh and her brother Goh Lih Shan soon began to acquire musical instruments, backdrops, stage props, exotic costumes and professional actors from China and Thailand. And thus, the Kim Giak Low Choon Teochew Opera Troupe (KGLC) was born.

Ch'ng Shi P'ng is a professional photographer based in Penang who enjoys arts and humanities subjects. He is a strong supporter of several non-profit organisations including Habitat for Humanity and Relay. View more of his work at

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