Penang's secret hash society

loading Point 39 on Hiking Trail overlooking George Town (elevation 426m). Penang Bridge is in the distance.

This is a history of the Hash House Harriers, a club whose activities leave you short of breath – from running and laughing – and big of belly. Its modern version actually began in KL in the 1930s.

I am a runner. I may not stride at a blistering pace, but I do run when and where I travel. I get out in the early mornings before it is too hot. Last summer my route went from Taman Berjaya, down Jalan Ramanathan to Jalan Brown and Jalan Utama, and then over into Youth Park, which I understand is now called Taman Perbandaran Pulau Pinang. I tried not to wake the household, tying my shoelaces as I sat on a little green stool outside the front door; by the time I returned, the sun was up and the bats had returned to the porch outside my room where they hung peacefully, looking pretty hashed out.

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