Time for Asean art to flourish

loading Some of the participants of Silpakorn University’s 70th anniversary celebration's Asean Contemporary Painting Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca) in Bangkok.

Asean integration is the order of the day, and the decades ahead. In the arts, the potential for intraregional collaboration is enormous.

Stakeholders in the art world in South- East Asia are beginning to talk and work with one another again. This is a very promising development. One conversation that got going recently was the Asean Contemporary Painting Project (Symposium and Workshop) held in Bangkok from July 2-5.

Organised by the Silpakorn University’s Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art Faculty to mark its 70th anniversary, the two-pronged festival comprised a painting workshop on one hand and, on the other, talks given by country representatives on the history and trends of contemporary art in respective Asean countries.

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