Who says you can’t make videos in Penang?


At a time when most look to KL or Singapore to produce their videos, there are some in Penang who think different. RisingOneMedia certainly is one.

Entering the premises of local production house RisingOneMedia, I half-expected high-tech cameras lying scattered on the floor and an important creative discussion going on. Instead, I found myself in a cosy office, with co-founder Venus Khor typing on her laptop. “Hang on,” she says, looking up with a smile. “Just give me one minute to send off this email.”

RisingOneMedia has made a few splashes in the media industry recently despite being the new kid on the block. Its team, complete with directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers and a post-production crew, handles all sorts of projects – from single camera interviews to multi-camera commercial and corporate shoots.

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