Eight bountiful acres

loading The green lake teeming with fish next to 8 Acres.

The king of fruits, despite its assaulting, pungent scent, has the uncanny ability to tempt the most unwilling of taste buds. And where best to savour the fruit than 8 Acres, a tranquil getaway of wooden chalets nestled deep in palm oil plantations close to the unassuming town of Bentong in Pahang.

The way to 8 Acres was very fruitful, pun intended. In the car with friends and colleagues, we made a brief stop along the trunk road for some nangka. Each fruit was bigger than two footballs put together, and its sweet, heady scent was simply heavenly to the olfactory.

I’m not a nangka fan, but seeing how the fruit cast its “spell” on my friends was amusing – one bite was all it took for them to get hooked, and it introduced a new fragrance into the four-wheel-drive truck, infusing the confined space with a zesty, tangy aroma. I couldn’t help but wonder if the curious fruit contained endorphins, as everyone seemed to be blithe with laughter.

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