An afternoon at the Malaysian Tamil barbershop


Malaysiana is often found in some evident but overlooked places, unseen for having been so obvious. A most authentic bit of Malaysian heritage – and reality – can be discovered in the Tamil barbershop.

Schedule interviews with Malaysian MPs?
No, we obviously can't bother them on a Sunday.

Plan for the English camp we're organising for secondary school students?
It can wait.

Answer emails?
Yeah, right. My inbox is way too full – way too scary at this point.

OK, how about writing a piece on economic development in southern Malaysia?
Really? That's what we're gonna do right now?

“No, but we really should get started on one of these th–” I start saying, before procrastinator Jon cuts me off.

“Listen, I have a great idea. Let's put this stuff aside and go get haircuts right now,” he says.

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