Cows and the City


Where there’s grass there are cows, even in Penang’s more populated suburbs. They provide valuable milk and other benefits to the state’s growing population.

Caring for a herd of 50 dairy cattle is no easy feat. For cousins M. Meharaj Servai, 25, M. Paandiy Muthu, 19, and B. Revinraj, 17, the opportunity it offers to preserve family bonds also comes with the heavy task of cattle management. “I guess you could say we’re not your typical millennials,” says Meharaj. “While most millennials regard money to be an asset, we view our cattle as ours.”

The trio are third-generation cattle farmers navigating their way through Penang’s urban landscape. “These days, it’s very difficult to find a plot of land big enough to house all 50 cattle. We have to divide them into smaller, more manageable herds housed in four makeshift cowsheds around George Town,” says Paandiy.

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