More money needed for proper healthcare


Healthcare allocation has no doubt increased in Budget 2015, but is it sufficient to cover the needs of our increasing population, on top of our goal to remain a medical tourism hub?

Malaysia has a two-tier system of healthcare services: a state-led and publicfunded sector exists alongside a thriving private sector. The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2011 report estimates 4.3 outpatient visits to physicians per capita and 111 inpatient discharges per 1,000 capita per annum in Malaysia. The report also indicates that 50% of outpatient medical visits and 74% of inpatient admissions were made in the public sector, and public expenditure as a percentage of total health expenditure was 52.27% as of 2011.

Thus, even though privatisation of healthcare took place in the 1980s and has made gains since, statistics show that the public healthcare sector still plays the leading role in providing healthcare services to public.

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