Through the eyes of a refugee child

loading Beggar on wheelchair by Jazz, 16.

Refugee children are nonentities to most of us. They are quite invisible in our daily lives. Kamal Solhaimi Fadzil, however, aims to provide us with glimpses into their world through photographs and essays – produced by the children themselves.

When Universiti Malaya anthropology lecturer Kamal Solhaimi Fadzil began his project last year, he was not sure it would get anywhere. It seemed a tough job, and perhaps even a futile one, to teach refugee children to take photographs.

After all, they come from truly difficult life situations that gave them little scope to dabble in luxuries like photography. On top of that, the 12 to 15 kids had only one camera – Kamal’s old one – to share among them. If they came back with really bad photos, the project would come to an end there and then.

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