Making music tell stories


With artistes from places as far away as South America and Mongolia, the Penang World Music Festival 2015 was a display of musical diversity.

This April’s Penang World Music Festival was touted to have the best line-up of musicians yet, with performances that were at once culturally educational and entertaining. A total of 12 international musicians performed at the festival, including Dizu Plaatjies and Ibuyambo from South Africa, Casuarina from Brazil and Vedan Kolod from Russia. Most have won awards at national and international levels.
Previously always held at the Penang Botanic Gardens, the venue was changed this year to the Esplanade. According to Danny Law, executive councillor for tourism, “This is the only time of the year (when) Penangites can enjoy various types of music all in one venue.” His statement proved true as the weekend threw up under and overtones of such varying degrees that only a very hard-nosed person could have been unaffected.

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