The Temuan of Ulu Yam

Deep in Ulu Yam, Selangor, near the Sungai Liam waterfall and a 30-minute drive from KL, a tribe of Temuans are moving house. The area floods, and they need a better place to stay, high above the water level. They build their houses using only their hands.

Most of them have conformed to modernity to earn a living, no longer living nomadic lives. They try to secure a stable source of income through farming fruits and livestock, and honey and herb collecting. To supplement their income, they also pan for tin.

I spend four months documenting them, immersed in their culture and lives.

Chris Jung is a KL-based portrait and documentary photographer, focusing on the intersection of photography and photojournalism. He was born in South Korea and studied Photography and Photojournalism at Spéos Paris, France.

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