A heritage trail of nostalgia (and food)

loading View from the top: the shady avenue of Jalan Kelawai.

Pulau Tikus is inseparable from its rich heritage and delicious hawker fare.

Growing up in one place and walking past the same things every day, you tend not to notice the beauty and uniqueness that are there right in front of you. And so it was with me growing up in the Pulau Tikus township.

I spent the first years of my life in Kampung Sirih. After that, my family moved to Jalan Edgecumbe, where I stayed till I left Penang for KL to pursue a short-lived career in journalism before moving to Singapore. I knew the neighbourhood well; I would go to the market regularly with my mum and visit friends in the area. We walked a lot in those days; there wasn’t much traffic then.

But I don’t think I ever appreciated the history of the precinct.

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