A trail charming and delightful


Bukit Mertajam is a difficult but definitely worthwhile hike.

You can see its distinctive peak with its radio towers from miles away, jutting up from the lowlands. Easily visible even from the island, Bukit Mertajam is 545m above sea level. It sits in Seberang Perai’s 37ha Bukit Mertajam Forest Park a few kilometres outside the town of the same name.

The tarmac road to the summit begins at the park’s car park on Jalan Kolam and can be hiked in just over an hour. But hiking (or cycling) up to the top this way is boring and very hot. There is little shade and the heat reflects from the black surface. So with an expert guide, Fisol, we decided to take a longer, more difficult and much more interesting route.

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