A city of cafes


In George Town, captivating coffee stops are never more than a stone’s throw away.

A lot has changed in George Town in a few short years. Food of all sorts can now be found around the clock. Cafes of all sorts and sizes have popped up, turning every mealtime into an opportunity for an experience and every hour into the perfect time for a cuppa. A new exciting Penang cafe culture is being born.

Penang Monthly takes a look at three unique – and quirky – cafes, whose owners are trying to take the cafe culture in Penang to the next level.

Constant Gardener Coffee: Single origin, single pleasure

Coffee and gardening may not have much in common for most people, but not so for Constant Gardener Coffee founder SK Leng. “The name of the cafe was inspired by my mother who was always working on her little gardens over the last 50 years,” explains Leng.

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