Days and nights at Claremont


Diary, June 19-23, 1989

June 19, Monday:

It’s up Penang Hill for a few days to unwind from the stress of Singapore’s workaholic lifestyle. Blustery weather, with a hint of rain, as I set off for the funicular railway turns into a downpour en route to Claremont Station. Each of the four coaches has 25 people – mostly Caucasian and Japanese tourists – jampacked like sardines even though it is a weekday. When the rain comes, you can sense everyone’s wonder at the magnificence of a tropical storm.

The rain evaporates as I alight at Claremont Station. I am glad to see Ah Hock, the caretaker of Lower Claremont (where I am putting up, courtesy of a family friend). He helps me with my bags.

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