Traditional Old Cures Find New Devotees


A culturally diverse society offers a variety of traditional medicines to choose from.

Penang is culturally diverse, and it is quite natural that it has on offer a variety of traditional medicines including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Malay urut (massage) and Indian Ayurveda. More than 50 Chinese medicine halls are found on the Island itself1, while hospitals have begun to integrate TCM in their practices; there is an active Indian community that still believes in traditional ways of healing; and the richness of Malay traditional medicine complements the medical industry in the state.

More than that, a change in mentality is spurring the revival of traditional medicine, and that’s something Teoh Ai Hin, the thirdgeneration medicinal man who runs the 60-year-old Kean Aun Hoe Medical Hall in Jelutong, can vouch for.

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