Profiling Penang as a culture hub


How can we appeal to and retain profit-making businesses and creative intellectuals? Through the arts, of course!

Penang is rejuvenated, undergone a “renaissance”. George Town's streets are vibrant and bustling again, and it's no exception at night – just walk down Lebuh Stewart and you'll see. Murals, cafes, galleries are ubiquitous. The keen interest in culture and history spreads to its peripheries, from giant murals in Butterworth to heritage walks in Pulau Tikus.

And as Penang progresses towards an Age of Enlightenment of its own, more heads are needed. That was why a group of local leaders and foreign experts gathered in April at Sekeping Victoria in George Town to brainstorm on how to rebrand Penang in terms of culture, economy and liveability.

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