Say “Yes” to Vaccines, for Your Children’s Sake


Science and statistics have time and again shown that vaccination does prevent certain diseases. But why are so many parents still not listening?

The recent outbreak of diphtheria, a vaccinepreventable disease, in June and July this year has worried the whole nation. As of July 27, the total number of diphtheria cases nationwide stood at 25 including five deaths1, with Kedah topping the list with eight cases and one death.

The tragic news about 11-month-old baby, Muhammad Rushaidi Rizqi from Sungai Petani, passing away from diphtheria2 ignited much public debate about the National Immunisation Programme for children, which was introduced more than 50 years ago (Table 1 and Figure 1). It was found that Rushaidi had not completed his scheduled vaccinations.

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