Going Back to Nature Comes Naturally


Horses grazing at Countryside Stables Penang.

Balik Pulau is fast becoming a haven for goats, horses and pigeons. People are flocking to south-western Penang island to own or visit rustic estates where both hearts and animals can roam free.

No Horsing Around

When Wan Adam was five years old, he would frequently pass by a signboard advertising horse-riding at the Tanjung Country Club when on car journeys. The sign, which hung near a traffic light, piqued his curiosity. Every time a red light caused the car to stop near the sign, Wan Adam would memorise a digit of the telephone number on it.

“Once he had the full number he gave it to me and said he wanted to learn horse riding. I didn’t even think it was the right number, but when I called it was indeed the club!” says his mother, Doris Lim.

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