Taking Life in Their Stride


Two strangers who met at a dialysis centre develop a friendship spanning over a decade. Yong Ah Lan and Kasthuri Veeraiah share their inspirational stories.

“When I was first diagnosed with kidney failure, I felt so alone at the doctor’s office,” says Yong Ah Lan, a 40-year-old baker. “I have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), which contributed to kidney failure. When the doctor was giving me my diagnosis, I could not register what he was saying – I could see him mouthing the words, but my brain could not process the information.”

Yong was only 20 when she was told that her kidneys had failed. “My whole world crumbled within those few minutes. All I could think of was that I would be a burden to my boyfriend and my family – I thought of kidney failure as a rich man’s disease because of the high cost of treatment. I could only feel hopelessness and despair.”

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