Bukit Panchor: An Oasis of Nature

loading The 1.8km-long tarred road takes you through the heart of Bukit Panchor's lush forest.

Clear streams, rich wildlife and towering dipterocarp trees await just 10km from the hustle and bustle of Nibong Tebal.

At the south-eastern border of South Seberang Perai lies the 446ha Bukit Panchor State Park – Penang’s one and only state park.

Originally gazetted as the Bukit Panchor Permanent Forest Reserve in 1963, it was elevated to the status of state park in 2008 because of its rich biodiversity and recreational potential. It is named after Bukit Panchor, a 416m peak that marks the park’s southern border with Kedah. Lush lowland dipterocarp forests dominate most of the park, accompanied by large stands of shorea, tembusu, medang and kapur. Pockets of freshwater swamps also exist along the park’s numerous streams.

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