Bukit Juru’s Short but Charming Trail


A little-known path up Bukit Juru’s 646 steps is a rewarding experience – one that is incomplete if you do not take the opportunity to sample the deliciously fresh seafood nearby.

A little curiosity about lesser-known hiking trails in Seberang Perai – apart from the Bukit Mertajam trail – and some Googling led me to the 646 steps of Bukit Juru. For me, Juru meant the modern buildings of the shopping centre, Autocity, usually zoomed by on the way to KL. I was intrigued to learn that there are kampungs and forests in the neighbourhood too.

Finding the start of the trail was easy. On the North-South Highway towards KL we took the exit to Juru, turned immediately right into Jalan Kebun Nanas, and then left at the T-junction into Jalan Perusahaan.

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