Within Reach of Nature


The tranquil Kuala Baram wetlands.

It might be known as an oil city, but Miri has plenty of green surprises.

My first glimpse of Miri many years ago was of a seahorse standing in a roundabout at a busy intersection. It seemed comical to me then to see the seahorse being endlessly circled by cars heading off in four directions to different corners of the city.

We had arrived in Miri by road from Kuching, an exhausting and exhilarating journey that is almost equal in distance to the entire length of Peninsular Malaysia. The trip gave me a visceral insight into the immense size of Sarawak, its diversity and beauty.

The seahorse tells of Miri’s location by the sea, which made its fortune, thanks to the oil fields located off its shores. Thus, the city is rich in oil-related and oil-funded attractions.

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