A Sky of Stars: Penang Shines as a Sporting State


They might have a long way to go in the sports arena, but they are certainly giving their all.

Mention squash and Datuk Nicol David comes to mind for most of us. The longest reigning world No. 1 (a whopping 108 consecutive months!) until September last year, since turning professional in 2000, Nicol shows no sign of slowing down.

While her prowess as a squash player speaks for itself, it is her character that shines through: former Felda United player Ndumba Makache commended Nicol’s incredible humility while he was undergoing an intensive rehabilitation programme alongside her at the National Sports Institute (ISN) in February this year. “For a person who’s achieved so much, she’s very humble and down to earth, which was great to see,” he says1.

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