Air Itam Takes its Famous Street Food Seriously

loading Disco uses at least two drams of milk per night.

Penang Monthly orders famous dishes from three iconic street stalls, and absorbs the atmosphere of this wonderful town.

Disco-ing Up Supper

Unassumingly parked just opposite Air Itam market, Disco’s Café Corner has been in operation for 30 odd years. Come nightfall, the tables set up around the stall are filled with customers from near and far, all eager for a glass or two of Disco’s popular susu tarik (pulled milk).

Disco, an affable chap of 49, is behind the counter busy at work as the stream of susu tarik orders gain in momentum. His hands move in a mechanical rhythm: with one, he scoops a cup of milk from the bubbling dram and with the other, he cracks an egg into a second cup. The contents are swiftly and repeatedly poured from one cup to another.

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