How are Art Fairs Faring?


As the global economy becomes multipolar, changes are to be expected in all sectors where big money flows. That includes the buying and selling of art.

It is strange that even as the well-heeled art lovers and collectors were shuffling around the 84 booths at this year’s Art Stage Singapore (on January 26-28, its eighth edition), a lugubrious pall hung over it like a dirge.

The usual pre-event ballyhoo was noticeably not palpable. It was a strip-down of 40% from last year’s participation of 131 galleries; 170 in 2016. Even attendance was down, with a daily average of the public days dipping to 5,600 from 6,500 footfalls last year. (The vernissage recorded 2,300 visitors.) Overall attendance was 26,500 visitors, from 33,200 last year, although it had a day longer.

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