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Penang Monthly, the voice of Penang.

Penang Monthly endeavours to be the mouthpiece of Penang and an inspiring read for the curious Malaysian. A publication of Penang Institute, it aims to supply Penangites with information about significant issues in order to promote public participation, thus encouraging discussions about the various aspects of Penang’s fates and fortunes.

At the same time, we seek to profile Penang personalities who have contributed, sometimes in very unassuming but critical ways, to the reputation and wellbeing of the state, and to put the spotlight on ordinary Penangites who otherwise go unnoticed, but who nevertheless define the culture of the state in essential ways.

As Penang evolves, we would like to highlight its importance as a generator of culture, education, industry and cosmopolitan values – not just in our features, but also in in-depth analyses of the culture economy. We aspire to emphasise present trends in the arts, industry, politics and economics which affect the immediate future of the state and country.

On top of that, apart from our monthly socio-economic data section, we also provide a quarterly economic review, offering reliable socioeconomic data for the benefit of decision makers in government and the private sector.

An all-round read indeed.

More about Penang Institute:
Penang Institute is the public policy think tank of the state government of Penang. As a policy advisory body to the state government, Penang Institute seeks to spur bold thinking in the key areas of economics, socio-politics and sustainable development. Besides working closely with the state government, we collaborate with other international organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme and other non- governmental organisations.

We also engage the public by promoting and highlighting various local, national and regional issues through facilitating conferences, lectures, workshops and public seminars.

Keep us up and running!
Penang Institute is a non-profit organisation, relying mainly on research grants and donations. To keep us up and running, and to continuously give you the latest scoop on economic and cultural trends every month, you can make a contribution to Penang Institute. Please contact enquiry@penanginstitute.org for more information.

Our Team

Here's who we are:
Ooi Kee Beng
Ooi Kee Beng was born and raised in Penang. Educated at La Salle School (Air Itam) and St Xavier’s Institution, he did his A-levels at Methodist High School. After three years as sub-editor for The Star and The Straits Echo, he left to study, work and live in Sweden. His PhD from Stockholm University is in Sinology, on political philosophy. He is based at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, where he is Deputy Director. He is founding-editor of ISEAS Perspective and ISEAS Monitor, and is a columnist for The Edge Malaysia.

Julia Tan
Deputy Editor
Julia Tan comes from a background in literature, technical writing and creative writing. She graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with a degree in English Language and Literature Studies, and Oxford Brookes University with a Masters in Creative Writing. Her passions lie in history, culture and – of course, being a Penangite – good food.

Nic Lee
Art Director
Nic Lee hails from Penang and has lived all his life in Kampung Siam, Pulau Tikus. A former Xaverian, he received his Diploma in Graphic Design at the Malaysian Institute of Art. With a working experience of almost 20 years, the former art director at INTACT's works include numerous annual reports of public-listed companies (Texchem Group, MSC Group) as well as newsletters, magazines (Texview, IPeople News, Essenze) and brochures. He has also worked on many campaigns for Venessa Diamonds and has designed logos for Dreamz Foundation's Rhapsody des Reves charity event in 2004, Slippery Senoritas club, DK Group, BayAvenue, BayStar, BayGarden, The Oasis, Arte @ Kuchai Lama and SERA Putrajaya Precinct 8.

Regina Hoo
Regina Hoo is a Broadcasting and Journalism major from the University of Wolverhampton.

OGL Consultancy
Business Manager
OGL CONSULTANCY connects dots, people and ideas; provides creative and practical solutions to projects and businesses; listens, thinks, plans, executes and delivers.

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