• From China with Love

    From China with Love

    Marco Ferrarese talks to fellow writer Ewe Paik Leong about the young, seductive women from mainland China who flood our shores in search of an easy buck.

  • No easy task to educate

    No easy task to educate

    When Alina Amir gets thrown into a classroom full of rowdy 13-year-olds, she finds that teaching can be a Herculean task.

  • Are you buying slavery?

    Are you buying slavery?

    Malaysia recently slipped down to Tier 3 on the US Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report. How much do you know about this crime, and are you inadvertently buying slavery?

  • Why such fear of unity?

    Why such fear of unity?

    Negara-ku – a movement that aims to promote unity, peace and harmony, and oppose racism, hatred, extremism and violence – has been vilified by certain quarters from the day of its inception.

  • Making federalism real

    Making federalism real

    If we can strike the right balance with federalism, we may just be able to strengthen Malaysia. But where and how should we start?

  • For whom Malaysia’s highways toll

    For whom Malaysia’s highways toll

    The stakes are high in the highway business. We reveal who owns what.


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